Sunday, June 7, 2009

i really had a great experience..

well well let me do some post coverage here to thank all who was there to support from and those who didn't manage to make it there on the memorable night.

joining this competition wasn't what i planned to do, but then there isn't any regret to it either. yes it was quite taxing for me in terms of time and energy but as i mentioned... i gain alot ... new great friends... a memorable experience...

thank you...

jomie - offering help from the very beginning...and all the nice photos..
evelyn - taking care of me .. making me honey lemon
cindy - drop by to support while i practice at home ... yes eve too..
josy - for always being so sweet and supportive...oh and the coverage..
joy - for being there till the end
joey - for coming and shouting for me hahaha
christine & gary - for being so supportive

and of course the all contestants... u gals ROCK!!!

and last but not least my loving hubby and family who are always there for me..

ooohhh its such a nice feeling being spoil by people around me...


  1. Hey pixie (What is your real name again? We're so used to our stage name already, lol)

    Thanks and yes it was indeed quite an experience for all of us. On top of it all, we all had great fun!

    Too bad I was a nervous wreck and didn't get to see much of you guys (the exotics) perform. I hope there're videos recorded somewhere by someone.

    We all should organise a gathering sometime to meet up again since we don't have much catching up that night, so packed and noisy. What say you?

  2. aihh....can't believe I din have a photo with u tat night :(

  3. curtney: hahha my real name its Michelle. oh yes the exotic group are planing to meet up too... maybe we shall just get whoever is available and catch up yeah..!
    or maybe we can all me at the next pole out session too...

    josy: darling... so sorry that we didnt manage to take any picture that night.. but no worries, i am sure there are chance in the near future..

  4. This is so exciting!
    Yea, either that or the pole out night.
    I just got in touch with Kerry Ann, we have exchanged numbers so you know how to get me =)
    Till we all meet again, keep well!