Monday, October 26, 2009

problem or solutions, your choice

don't we always blindfold ourselves with problems? i think we do most of the time... magnifying the problem all the time, making it bigger than it was ...... results: FRUSTRATED, UNHAPPY, MORE PROBLEMS and etc....


try choosing solutions instead... might not be easy for sure..start with analyzing the situation and by looking the the big picture then track down the root and look for ways to solve it. train urself to do that slowly and you will be able to see alot of things differently and results: HAPPY, SATISFIED, BRIGHT and alot more..............

i simply belief in "there are no problems but only SOLUTIONS...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

knowing for 9 years

Yesterday was the 7th of October 2009..... in year 2000 was the day i stared my relationship with my hubby.... well of course we went through so much and some of it are not pleasant to be mentioned at all.

would like to tell him that "i love u!" and "thank you" for not giving up on me.... i m sorry at times i might be a lil difficult but i appreciate your good deed.... and i trust you from the very beginning.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

my pole progress...

oohhh all excited..... why? viva vertical students will be performing on Talent Hub's anniversary at Zouk.... and i am participating.....anyone interested to go? let me know yeah....

Its gonna be so much fun and i m gonna learn alot more tricks.....

Theme? oohhhhh for our performance ..its gonna be "Sailor Pin-Up Girls" in the 40's -50's.... so cool!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


There are many question running in my head lately.. somehow couldn't find answers to them.... wonder if you do...

1. When one tells you he/she has forgiven your mistakes, do u trust them?
2. When one tells you he/she has forgiven & forgotten your wrong do, do u trust them?
3. When one tells you he/she trust u full heartedly, do u trust them?
4. When one tell you they trust you even you did once betrayed his/her trust... do u trust them?

Somehow I DO, but then again we still get tested from time to time...

TRUST = could it be TEST?

Thursday, September 17, 2009


just felt like sharing this pic.... it's a gift probably a decade ago. It's still in good condition and with good memories.. thank you.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


well well its all over... ermmm not really coz i dunwan it to be over.... well pole dance will still be an on going thing for me thats for sure....

so now i will still have my tuedays classes on Fitpole and some practices at home...besides that... everything is back to normal.


Very simple, to me the 3P's applies to everything in life.. and this was shared to me by my trainer, Taymie. That's when i first learn makeup. PASSION is always the driving force and i am very fortunate that today i am working for passion.. dancing for passion.

My current job might not be the perfect job on earth but its really something i love and enjoy doing so... sharing information, talking, presenting best part
communicating with people. Every time when i conduct a workshop my heart will be filled with excitement and every single second i am thinking ways to make it better...nothing is perfect...and i am always extremely happy to receive constructive feedback from anyone with one objective TO DO IT BETTER NEXT ROUND

eermmm ... sounds like somekinda motivational talk ha ... sorry... but its just something i would like to share... 3 Ps and Law of Attraction works!! :P