Tuesday, June 16, 2009


well well its all over... ermmm not really coz i dunwan it to be over.... well pole dance will still be an on going thing for me thats for sure....

so now i will still have my tuedays classes on Fitpole and some practices at home...besides that... everything is back to normal.


Very simple, to me the 3P's applies to everything in life.. and this was shared to me by my trainer, Taymie. That's when i first learn makeup. PASSION is always the driving force and i am very fortunate that today i am working for passion.. dancing for passion.

My current job might not be the perfect job on earth but its really something i love and enjoy doing so... sharing information, talking, presenting best part
communicating with people. Every time when i conduct a workshop my heart will be filled with excitement and every single second i am thinking ways to make it better...nothing is perfect...and i am always extremely happy to receive constructive feedback from anyone with one objective TO DO IT BETTER NEXT ROUND

eermmm ... sounds like somekinda motivational talk ha ... sorry... but its just something i would like to share... 3 Ps and Law of Attraction works!! :P

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