Thursday, May 28, 2009

figured out how...

When it comes to competition ...i still remember years back when i entered a makeup competition a friend told me this "in a competition the most important thing its not being the champion... that's only a bonus. The most important is to enjoy the PROCESS, that's what u will gain"
check out the process at

I totally agree to that, simply because during the process i managed to learn so much more and get to know so many great people. Caring and Sharing its already a big thing in this current world.

So the process, I've manage to learn a few more exotic pole dance steps, thanks to my trainer NANA! i did it !!! i manage to do it dy! well that was after 3 hrs practicing at home last night. Results: woke up late for work the next day :(

hehheheh but was all worth it!


  1. babe!! all de best n show us ur cool moves eh... will b there cheering for u! muakss

  2. thanks darling.... hope i wont disappoint u ler...

  3. aiks!! of course no disappointment! I'm proud of u ler... competitions are FUN.. de experiences are precious! So enjoy the process as u've already mentioned in ur blog... now.. just concentrate on getting well!